The One Lyrics

He could scarcely be more charming or more fun,
But he's not the one,
No he's not the one.
I enjoy his company and his style -
He makes me laugh.
But he's just not the one,
No, he's not the one.

When the right one arrives,
I know that I'll know him -
I'm sure that I'll know.
I wish he would hurry,
He's being awfully slow.

There are times I feel too discouraged to go on
Looking for the one,
My elusive one -
But he must be out there, and it gives me the spur to go on
Searching for the one,
Longing for the one.
So I'll be out there dating,hoping and waiting until
The transcendent kiss to make my heart stand still
In the wonder that life has begun -
When I find the one

Rose Tait

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