Snuggles Lyrics

Sleepy little Snuggles,
Shove up and make room for me!
You are where I want to be,
Snuggled with you on our big settee.

Sleepy little Snuggles,
You've been working hard all day
And now you're too tired to play,
Let me hold you while you drift away.

In a little while
We could go up to bed
Or we could stay snuggled here instead,
Cosy and snug in our bubble of intimacy

Sleepy little Snuggles,
How I love to watch you doze!
S'cause I love you, I suppose,
I just love being here with you,
Cosily dozing, snoozing and schmoozing,
Snuggling and giggling,
Huddling and cuddling,
Sleepy little Snuggles,
How I'm loving being here with you.
Little Snuggles.

Rose Tait

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